8 August 2005

The St. Petersburg Office of EPAM sponsored the International Presidents' Meeting of the European Law Students Association (ELSA) in St. Petersburg on 3-7 August 2005

At the International Presidents Meeting, ELSA representatives from 13 countries gathered in St. Petersburg to discuss issues concerning the further development of ELSA.

26 July 2005

The Moscow office of EPAMhosted a meeting with the leadership of the international labor law association Jus Laboris

Headquartered in Brussels, the association has members specializing in labor law from law firms from all over the world.

14 July 2005

EPAM Law receives Commendations of Russian President Vladimir Putin

In a solemn ceremony held at the Russian Foreign Ministry today, members of EPAM were presented with the Commendations of the President of the Russian Federation, a distinction awarded “For accomplishments in protecting the interests and rights of the citizenry”.

30 June 2005

British public company Sibir Energy, its legal adviser, УEPAM, and Moscow Oil and Gas Company held a joint press-conference entitled “To potential purchasers of Sibneft: The address by leaders of Sibir Energy PLC and Moscow Oil and Gas Compa

Speakers at the press conference included Henry Cameron, CEO of Sibir Energy PLC, Evgeny Savostianov, First Vice President of MOGC, and Sibir's legal counsel Dmitry Afanasiev, a partner at EPAM.

14 June 2005

EPAM sponsored a special concert of Chamber Orchestra KREMLIN in Spaso House

Continuing its long-standing tradition of supporting the artistic initiatives of the Orchestra, EPAM sponsored the concert in Spaso Hause. This mutually beneficial cooperation is longstanding and EPAM Chairman Dmitry Afanasiev is among the members of the Board of Trustees of the Orchestra KREMLIN.

17 May 2005

Senior Lawyer of EPAM Law participates in the meeting of the General Council of the all-Russia public organization «Business Russia» on the federal antimonopoly bill

The General Council of the all-Russia public organization «Business Russia/ Delovaya Rossia» met on May, 17 2005 to discuss the proposed federal anti-monopoly bill. Dmitry Lavrov, senior lawyer at EPAM, attended the meeting.

20 April 2005

Dmitry Afanasiev takes part in the annual conference “Legal Business in Russia”

Dmitry Afanasiev, member of the Partners’ Committee of EPAM, took part in the first annual conference “Legal Business in Russia”, organized by Vedomosti, one of Russia’s leading business newspapers.

15 April 2005

Sergey Golubok, assistant lawyer at EPAM Law, elected Auditor for the International Council of the European Law Students’ Association

The 47th International Council Meeting of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) took place in the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, between April 3rd and 10th, 2005.

17 March 2005

EPAM Law Lawyer participates in a panel on the overhaul of Russian federal antitrust law

The Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Office has assigned Dmitry Lavrov, senior lawyer of EPAM Law to a panel on the overhaul of federal antitrust law.

15 March 2005

EPAM Law lawyer participates in the protection of the Russian government’s interests before the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

More than fifteen hundred landmarks have been the subject of a long-standing dispute between Moscow and the Federal authorities. They include the famous shopping malls GUM and TSUM, the manors Kolomenskoe and Zaritsino and other highly profitable monuments, whose value is sufficient to not only cover the costs of their restoration, but also to be highly profitable.

9 March 2005

Taras A. Rabko joined the Moscow office of EPAM Law

Taras Rabko was a lecturer in the Constitutional Law Department of the St. Petersburg State University, and worked in the Research Institute of Law and Order of the Russian General Prosecutor’s office. Mr.Rabko currently teaches a course on constitutional law and an optional course on the conflict of laws at the Russian Academy of Justice of the Supreme Court and at the Supreme Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation.

22 February 2005

Ilya Nikiforov has been appointed a member of the Advisory Board of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration

Founded in 1986, the Institute for Transnational Arbitration (ITA) has become an important international educational forum in the field of transnational arbitration, today counting among its members and contributors many of the world’s leading arbitrators and arbitration counsel.

19 February 2005

Dmitry Afanasiev participates in the Anatoly Sobchak Commemoration Day

The funeral service at Sobchak’s grave in the Nikolskoe cemetery at the Alexander Nevsky monastery began the Day of Commemoration.

15 February 2005

Lawyers of EPAM Law participate in the Jessup moot court

The Saint-Petersburg University moot court team, with EPAM St. Peterburg's law office junior lawyers Irina Sergeeva and Sergey Golubok among its members, won first place in the Russian stage of the Jessup International Public Law Contest.

27 January 2005

Members of the Russian-American Business Council meet with Foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov

Members of the Russian-American Business Council (RABC) representing leading Russian businessmen – met this Thursday at the “National” Hotel to meet with Sergey Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia.