23 June 2023

Anna Numerova, Evgeny Bolshakov and Maria Kobanenko Will Speak at Conference on Competition Law

On 23 June 2023, the information portal will host a conference entitled “Competition Law: the Next Level”. EPAM Law is pleased to announce that Partners Anna Numerova, Evgeny Bolshakov, and Maria Kobanenko will speak at the conference.

The key topics of the conference are:

- balancing interests in a scarce market and preventing speculation;

- saving small and medium businesses in conditions of limited competition;

- preventing the abuse of market power by the remaining monopolists.

Anna Numerova will moderate a plenary session on “Novelties in Competition Law” (10:00-11:30).

Evgeny Bolshakov will speak at the session "Digital Markets and Application of Competition Laws to IP" on the topic "Disadvantageous Substitution: Regulations specifics in the Activities of Sellers of Goods that Substitute Gone Brands" (12:00-13:30).

Maria Kobanenko will moderate a session on "Judicial Practice in Antimonopoly Matters" (14:30-16:00).

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Anna Numerova

Anna Numerova