1 September 2016
Private Antitrust Litigation in Russian Federation: Overview | Denis Gavrilov, Evgeny Bolshakov, Maria Krychkova, Igor Gavrilov; Practical Law Global Guides

A Q&A guide to private antitrust litigation in Russian Federation.

The Q&A provides a high level overview of the legal basis for bringing private antitrust litigation actions; parties to an action; limitation periods and forum; standard of proof and liability; costs and timing; pre-trial applications and hearings; alternative dispute resolution; settlement or discontinuance of an action; proceedings at trial; available defences; available remedies; appeals and proposed legislative reform.

This Q&A is part of the global guide to private antitrust litigation. The private antitrust litigation global guide serves as a single, essential, starting point of practical reference for both clients and practitioners in considering the various merits of commencing, defending or settling antitrust claims.


  • Legal basis for bringing private antitrust litigation actions
  • Parties to an action
  • Limitation periods and forum
  • Standard of proof and liability
  • Costs and timing
  • Pre-trial applications and hearings
  • Evidence and legal privilege
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Settlement or discontinuance of an action
  • Proceedings at trial
  • Available defences
  • Available remedies
  • Appeals
  • Reforms
  • Online resources


  • Gavrilov Denis, Counsel, Ph.D.
  • Bolshakov Evgeny, Counsel
  • Krychkova Maria, Associate
  • Gavrilov Igor, Junior Associate

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