25 February 2022

Vera Rikhterman and Vladimir Talanov Will Speak at RCCR Conference “CHALLENGES 2022: What’s There Beyond the Horizon?”

On February 25, 2022, Moscow will host the training conference named “Challenges 2022: What’s there beyond the Horizon?” organized by Non-Commercial Partnership Corporate Counsel Association (RCCA). Vera Rikhterman, Partner and Vladimir Talanov, Counsel at EPAM, will speak at the conference.

RCCA conference is focused on the strategy for development of company lawyers in the context of the ESG agenda, company governance and staff development matters, LEGAL TECH, and low footprint of businesses as a new operational standard.

Vera Rikhterman, Litigation Partner at the Firm, will speak at the session “Who Cares Wins – Staff Development and Advisor Relations” (13:35 to 15:45), where she will address the strategy for counselling on the matters and legal disputes of concern and of importance for companies, as well as the new standards and scopes for external advisors.

Vladimir Talanov, Counsel of International Arbitration and Litigation Practice at the Firm, will speak at the session named “Chasing Zero or Green Focus” (16:15 to 16:55), where he will address the evolution of environmental regulation in Russia, as well as renewable energy certificates, carbon regulation and environmental impact considerations.

More details on the event.