17 November 2023

Valery Eremenko and Evgeny Gurchenko to Speak at the Litigation Forum

On 17 November 2023, the information portal will host its annual Litigation Forum. Partner Valery Eremenko, Co-Head of Litigation Practice at EPAM Law Offices, and Counsel Evgeny Gurchenko, Head of Litigation Practice at the St. Petersburg office of the Firm, will speak at the forum.

The forum attendees will address the following topics:

  • Current trends in drafting of arbitration clauses
  • Procedural guarantees for a party preventively joining a case
  • What risks are involved in filing class action lawsuits and how can they be mitigated?
  • Specifics of collecting and presenting digital evidence during litigation
  • Negative consequences of non-compliance with court orders

Valery will moderate the session titled “Building the Procedural Composition” (12:00-13:45), and Evgeny will speak at the session titled “Debates: Litigation Is for In-House Lawyers” (16:45-18:00). 

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Evgeny Gurchenko

Evgeny Gurchenko

St. Petersburg