22 October 2021

EPAM Competition Partners Will Speak at the Forbes Congress Conference “Best Antitrust Practices 2021”

On October 22, 2021, the conference “Best Antitrust Practices 2021”, organised by the Forbes Congress, will take place. Natalia Korosteleva, head of Competition Law Practice at EPAM, and Partners Anna Numerova and Evgeny Bolshakov will speak at the conference.

The conference will address the trends, legal disputes and landmark events in antitrust regulation in Russia and foreign jurisdictions that are “advanced” in terms of antitrust laws. The topics for discussion include the effect of a cartel agreement for German carmakers, the carbon tax as a new competition factor, as well as cartels, unfair competition practices, and aspects of the antitrust regulation of the digital economy.

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Anna Numerova

Anna Numerova