6 November 2014

Ilya Nikiforov to speak at Case Administration in Commercial Arbitration seminar

On 5-8 November 2014, a seminar on Case Administration in Commercial Arbitration will take place in Moscow, organized by the Russian Arbitration Association with informational support from the M-Logos Legal Institute. Ilya Nikiforov, Managing Partner at EPAM, will be one of the presenters.

The seminar will focus on the practical aspects of commercial arbitration and its advantages for dispute resolution in Russia against the background of the measures being taken to reform the Russian judicial system.

  • Commercial arbitration is being reformed in parallel with the reorganization of the Supreme Arbitration (Commercial) Court and the Supreme Court of Russia.
  • A draft law envisages commercial arbitration as an institution under the supervision of the state that resolves private legal disputes and hands down binding executive decisions.
  • Dispute resolution in commercial arbitration should reduce the burden on the court system and thereby become an alternative to litigation in state courts.

The event is targeted at corporate attorneys, law firm staff, and other specialists whose responsibilities include involvement in the process of evaluating and resolving contentious legal relationships with counterparties.

On 6 November 2014, Managing Partner at EPAM Ilya Nikiforov will deliver a talk on provisional measures in arbitration.

A detailed programme and the terms for participating in the seminar are available on the M-Logos Legal Institute website.



Ilya Nikiforov

Ilya Nikiforov

Moscow, St. Petersburg