14 April 2021

EPAM, BonelliErede and Confindustria Russia Will Host Webinar on Corporate Governance

On April 14, 2021, EPAM, BonelliErede and the Confindustria Russia will host the webinar "Corporate governance pillars under Russian law and tax risk management in cross border dealings from an Italian perspective".

Topics for discussion:

  • CEO and Board: duties and liability
  • Main aspects linked to bankruptcy
  • Potential criminal charges      
  • Transfer pricing
  • Permanent establishment exposure
  • Tools to minimize the risk


  • Ilona Zekely, Partner, Head of European Desk, EPAM
  • Andrey Golovanev, Advocate, M&A and Corporate Practice, EPAM
  • Elena Novikova, Advocate, White Collar Crime Practice, EPAM
  • Marco Adda, BonelliErede
  • Luigi Scordo, BonelliErede