Yulia Beliakova
Senior associate
Yulia Beliakova

24 Nevsky Av.,
St. Petersburg, 191186, Russia

Tel.: +7 (812) 322 9681
Fax: +7 (812) 322 9682


  • (2022-2024)

Yulia provides the legal support to Russian and international companies in the field of foreign economic activity, maritime and transport law.

Yulia's projects include advising clients on a wide range of issues that arise in the course of participation in international trade: preparation, conclusion and execution of commercial contracts, comprehensive risk assessment and development of strategies for organizing the import / export of goods, in the process of customs clearance.

Yulia also advises on technical, currency regulation and export control issues.

She is a member of the St. Petersburg Bar Association.

Yulia is recommended by the Russian legal ranking in the category of the Maritime Law.

Yulia graduated from the St. Petersburg State University Law School in 2012. She received Master’s degree in International Law in 2015.

She is fluent in English.