Pavel Mazhurin
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Pavel Mazhurin

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  • (2024)

Pavel Mazhurin specializes in conducting complex litigation projects in corporate, contractual, antimonopoly and customs law, real estate, has significant experience in supporting bankruptcy cases, disputes on bringing to subsidiary (secondary) liability and recovery of losses. Pavel's experience includes representing clients in commercial courts and courts of general jurisdiction of the Russian Federation of all instances, including the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, as well as participating in the coordination of cross-border litigation projects.

The latest Pavel's litigation projects are as follows:

  • Successfully represented the interests of a BoD member of a large Russian bank in a separate dispute on bringing to subsidiary (secondary) liability in the amount of more than 218 billion rubles.
  • Legal support in a dispute on the recovery of damages from the parent company of a Russian energy holding and its BoD members in the amount of EUR 115 million.
  • Successfully represented an American Fortune 500 company in a dispute with the customs authorities arising from the incorrect classification of goods imported into the Russian Federation.
  • Representing the interests of a coal company in a dispute on the recovery of losses in the amount of more than 2 billion rubles, initiated as part of the bankruptcy case of the client's counterparty.
  • Representing the interests of a shareholder of a Russian constructing bureau in a long-term corporate conflict that ended in an out-of-court settlement agreement.
  • Defending the interests of a well-known foreign bank in a dispute on bringing to subsidiary (secondary) liability in the amount of more than 1.8 billion rubles.
  • Successfully represented the interests of bidders for outdoor advertising in St. Petersburg in a dispute with the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia regarding non-compliance of the requirements of the tender documentation with the law.

Pavel also has expertise in wealth transfer, inheritance and family law. Pavel's experience includes support for family disputes in divorce cases, issues of division of spouses' property, rights in relation to children, as well as in inheritance cases, including those complicated by a foreign element.

Among his recent projects in this area:

  • Support for a cross-border project in the field of inheritance relations for a total amount of more than 3 billion US dollars, including disputes about the validity of a will and challenging the transactions of the testator.
  • Representing the interests of the wife of a well-known Russian businessman in a dispute over the division of jointly acquired property, which ended in a mutually beneficial settlement agreement.
  • Advising a Russian billionaire who owns significant assets in Russia and abroad on the preparation of a prenuptial agreement that meets the requirements of the Russian law and the law of England and Wales.
  • Protecting the interests of a relative of a billionaire from the Forbes list as part of the divorce proceedings, as a result of which the spouses entered into out-of-court agreements on the division of common property, alimony and the procedure for communicating with children.

In addition, Pavel has repeatedly supported major cross-border and domestic M&A transactions, real estate transactions, and advised on corporate law issues. His experience includes:

  • Legal support in a complex transaction, including a number of agreements under the Russian law and the law of England and Wales, concluded to resolve a dispute over a debt to a key Russian bank in the amount of over USD 3.3 billion.
  • Legal support in a transaction for the acquisition of a cement plant in Uzbekistan, including the coordination of local legal consultants.
  • Legal support in a transaction for the sale of an enterprise that owns a large industrial land plot in Moscow in favor of a major Russian developer.
  • Conducting a comprehensive legal assessment of a Russian chemical holding in the interests of an American leader in the production of liquefied natural gas.

In 2015, Pavel graduated from the HSE Faculty of Law. In 2017, he received a master's degree in law, graduating with honors from the HSE Master's program in Corporate Law. He is a laureate of the HSE Silver Nestling award (2015) for outstanding achievements in scientific, educational and social activities.

Prior to joining the Bureau in 2017, Pavel worked for a boutique Russian law firm, where he specialized in representing clients in litigation.

Speaks English and German.

Advocate, member of the Moscow Chamber of Advocates.