Karina Arzukanyan
Senior associate
Karina Arzukanyan

21, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Str.,
Moscow, 125047, Russia

Tel.: +7 (495) 935 8010
Fax: +7 (495) 935 8011

Karina Arzukanyan advises and defends clients at all stages of criminal proceedings. She specialises in cases involving commercial fraud and embezzlement, corruption and tax evasion, as well as anti-corruption legislation.

Among Karina's projects:

  • Representing Evgeny Dod, the former chairman of the RusHydro Management Board,  who was accused of defrauding the company in the amount of RUB 73m.
  • Defending and representing the management and employees of a major Russian fishing holding company in pre-trial investigations and criminal cases (both defence and prosecution) relating to a former business partner's unlawful claim to a 33% stake in the business.
  • Defending the interests of the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Property Management Agency in an international dispute with Indian shareholders of a Russian-Indian joint venture in connection with fraudulent actions against the Firm's client. The amount in dispute is approximately USD 200m.
  • Defending and representing employees of a major Russian fishing holding company in criminal cases involving smuggling of strategically important resources (Article 226.1 of the Russian Criminal Code).
  • Representing a victim who is a shareholder of a Russian commercial bank in criminal cases involving large-scale embezzlement of bank funds as well as falsification of financial accounting and reporting documents of a financial institution.
  • Defending the interests of the founder of a Russian construction company, a contractor of the Russian Presidential Property Management Department, in a criminal case initiated on charges of large-scale fraud in execution of state contracts (Article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code).
  • Defending the interests of the client in a criminal case brought in connection with a large-scale bribery case (Article 291(5) of the Russian Criminal Code).

Prior to joining the Firm in 2014, Karina completed an internship at the Department of Control and Analysis of Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Prosecutor's Office of the South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.

Karina graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2014. She also improved her qualifications at the Specialist Computer Training Centre at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, specialising in Microsoft Project Standard (2013/2010) - Fundamentals of Project Management.

Karina is fluent in English.

She is admitted to the Moscow Bar Association.