Dmitry Kukshinov
Dmitry Kukshinov

21, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Str.,
Moscow, 125047, Russia

Tel.: +7 (495) 935 8010
Fax: +7 (495) 935 8011

Dmitry Kukshinov advises and represents clients in commercial disputes in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction. One of Dmitry's areas of specialisation is supporting bankruptcy cases. He has successfully defended a metallurgical holding before the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, dismissed to challenge transactions in a bankruptcy case of a regional municipal enterprise, and defended a bona fide buyer of agribusiness in a bankruptcy case of one of the structures of the largest Russian agricultural holding.

Dmitry represents the interests of principals in disputes related to the execution of government contracts and corporate disputes.

Among his recent projects:

  • Defending the interests of one of the largest Russian aircraft manufacturing companies in a series of litigations with the Russian Ministry of Defence on the termination of government contracts, the recovery of unearned advances, penalties and interest for using the advance as a commercial loan for a total amount of more than RUB 3.5bn.
  • Bringing the city administration to subsidiary liability in the amount of more than RUB 2.8bn in a bankruptcy case of a heat supply organization.
  • Successfully supporting a number of lawsuits to recover more than RUB 1.5bn in favour of a Russian automaker, unreasonably withheld by the customer under government contracts.
  • Defending the Russian subsidiary of Malaysia's largest oil and gas drilling and pipe-laying concern against property claims related to the use of a sea vessel and defending the group's Russian assets against seizure in support of a lawsuit pending before the Asian International Arbitration Centre.
  • Representing the CEO of a leading automotive company in a multi-billion dollar claim by minority shareholders.

Dmitry also has  successful experience of defending clients in courts in cases of protection of honour, dignity and business reputation, divorce proceedings and paternity disputes.

Dmitry graduated from the Faculty of Law of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov in 2015.

Attorney at law, member of the Bar Association of the Moscow Region.