M&A and Corporate

The largest practice in the CIS is recognised by the leading international legal guides.



“One of the largest Russian corporate firms with a wealth of experience and a deep bench of lawyers covering all industry sectors.”

“Eminent practitioner Dimitry Afanasiev advises clients on strategic issues related to Russian and cross-border projects.” "If there are major, important, complex issues to discuss we always involve him."

“UK-qualified Robin Wittering (Moscow) assists with cross-border transactions and corporate issues”. "What makes him so valuable is his experience in doing business in Russia." "He is result-oriented and hands-on."

London-based Allen Thomas … assists international and Russian clients with cross-border joint venture projects and transactions.”

Arkady Krasnikhin (Moscow) … focuses on advising major Russian and international clients on corporate and transactional issues.”

Oksana Ilchenko (Kyiv) advises on corporate and M&A issues.” "She solved a problem in quite a creative way."

Ilona Zekely (Kyiv) is an Austrian-qualified lawyer advising German-speaking clients on cross-border instructions that include Ukraine. She also assists Ukrainian businesses interested in Austria and Germany.”

Andrew Mac (Washington, DC) regularly assists clients with contentious and corporate matters involving Ukraine”

Dennis Turovets (Minsk) is a versatile lawyer advising on transactional, banking and dispute resolution matters.” "He has an excellent academic background and is great at analyzing."

Anna Rusetskaya (Minsk) assists clients with commercial and transactional issues.” "She has been extraordinarily helpful in explaining issues that we're not used to having. She really understands how our business works and comes up with solutions and suggestions on how to do business our way in Belarus."



"Very broad coverage of various practice areas and strong international standards."

"I liked the prompt and specific answers, in-depth knowledge and attention to detail."

"The lawyers always deliver on their promises: if they say a document will be sent by a certain time, it will be done."

Dimitry Afanasiev is an instrumental rainmaker for the practice.” "He is an excellent strategist."

“UK-qualified Robin Wittering (Moscow) advises on the English law side of the practice's most high-profile deals.”

“US and Russian-qualified partner Arkady Krasnikhin (Moscow) is active on corporate and restructuring transactions.”

Elena Agaeva (St. Petersburg) is a well-recognised and experienced lawyer.”

Dennis Turovets (Minsk) is singled out as a "remarkable lawyer". "He is experienced in different areas, meaning that he can provide a holistic view of the local environment."

Anna Rusetskaya (Minsk) focuses on M&A transactions, joint ventures and commercial agreements.”



The firm “combines a leading Russian law practice with a growing English one following the recruitment of Robin Wittering (Moscow) and Michael Copeland (Moscow)”.

Practice head Arkady Krasnikhin (Moscow) is “a creative lawyer and effective negotiator”.

Mikhail Kazantsev (Moscow) and “highly regarded” Ivan Smirnov (St. Petersburg) are recommended.

“Responsive and creative” Elena Agaeva (St. Petersburg), is praised for its “innovative and client-oriented approach”.

In Ukraine the firm has “excellent, experienced practitioners” in Oksana Ilchenko, foreign law expert Ilona Zekely and counsel Oleg Boichuk. Oksana Ilchenko and Ilona Zekely are Leading Individuals.

In Belarus the firm “provides an efficient service”, based on “pragmatic advice” and “a client-oriented approach”.

Dennis Turovets (Minsk) is “a very knowledgeable lawyer”. He is a Leading Individual.

The “very proactive” Anna Rusetskaya (Minsk) is a Leading Individual.

Allen Thomas (London) specialises in corporate, M&A, and cross-border joint venture transactions.”

Dimitry Afanasiev is an instrumental rainmaker for the practice and focuses on advising on the strategic aspects of M&A transactions and contentious cases.” "He is an excellent strategist."

Robin Wittering (Moscow) advises on the English law side of the practice's most highlighted deals.”

Arkady Krasnikhin (Moscow) is active on corporate and restructuring transactions.”

London-based Allen Thomas has strong international experience and advises on cross-border acquisitions and joint ventures.”

“Austrian-qualified Ilona Zekely (Kyiv) advises both Ukrainian clients active in Austria and Germany and German-speaking clients with business interests in Ukraine. She is primarily focused on M&A transactions.”

“Washington-based Andrew Mac … is regularly active on cross-border mandates involving the CIS.”

“Managing partner [in Minsk] Dennis Turovets is singled out as a "remarkable lawyer". He advises foreign clients on their local operations and also has experience in investments, tax and real estate.” "He is experienced in different areas, meaning that he can provide a holistic view of the local environment."

“Head of corporate [in Minsk] Anna Rusetskaya focuses on M&A transactions, joint ventures and commercial agreements.”

In Russia the firm “is involved in significant transactions in the natural resources and financial services sectors and several transactions related to the deoffshorisation process taking place in Russia. ...the speed of the service contributes to a very good overall offering".

“EPAM have an extremely strong Russia practice and Robin Wittering provides very good support on English law issues.”

In Ukraine “they always provide excellent, high quality legal services. They are professional, reliable, client-oriented, and always available. Their advice is always timely, concise and comprehensive.”

In Belarus “on the corporate side, one highlight saw Dennis Turovets and Anna Rusetskaya representing Swiss company Stadler Rail on its joint venture with the state to build operations in Belarus to develop rail carriages and infrastructure. Another impressive deal has been the firm’s work with the World Bank on the privatization of state assets.”

Leading lawyers: Dimitry Afanasiev, Oksana Ilchenko (Kyiv), Anna Rusetskaya (Minsk), Dennis Turovets (Minsk).

“A well-recognised corporate team with an enviable network of offices throughout Russia and the CIS.”

“Provides comprehensive coverage of the CIS. Brings a wealth of local knowledge and deal experience to matters for clients in sectors such as natural resources, retail and infrastructure.”

“... Dimitry Afanasiev continues to be a highly visible figure in the market. Sources see him on “very high-profile deals,” where his wide practice covering international corporate transactions, dispute resolution and public policy is valued.”

“Offers a client-oriented approach, efficiency and the ability to solve the most complicated problems.”

“Offers a great number of good specialists. Deals run one into another smoothly.”

“Russia can be unpredictable; you don't have that long-term vision that you might have in other countries, and this team is able to guide us through this.”

“Commentators note Elena Agaeva for her awareness of “the challenges facing a foreign-owned entity in Russia.” She heads the corporate team in St Petersburg, and advises on the full range of business issues, including employment matters.”

In Belarus the firm has “significant experience in handling infrastructure projects. Further renowned for advising on restructurings, and for assisting clients with regulatory matters in the energy, media and telecoms sectors. Notable work on cross-border projects, particularly mandates with links to Russia.”

“One of the best experiences I have had with a law firm.”

Dennis Turovets (Minsk) is lauded by peers for his ability to handle mandates in an efficient manner, whilst clients praise his flexible approach to projects.”

Anna Rusetskaya (Minsk) is a common choice for investment projects, particularly those involving foreign entities.”

In Central & Eastern Europe the firm “provides solid English law abilities and a good network of connections with other local firms, and can offer local law advice in a range of jurisdictions. Robin Witteringis the head of international M&A projects.”

In Russia “the firm is “service-conscious to the highest degree”, and is a go-to firm for Russian law matters.”

“Clients include a mix of international companies and leading domestic entities.”

“The arrival of the “extremely bright” Robin Wittering (Moscow) has significantly enhanced the firm’s English law capabilities. The firm has a dedicated oligarchical M&A advisory department. Arkady Krasnikhin (Moscow) is also recommended.”

“Practice head [in St Petersburg] Elena Agaeva is an experienced lawyer who stands out for her wide-ranging expertise. The team’s international credentials were boosted by the arrival from Moscow of US-qualified senior associate Irina Skidan.”

In Ukrainevery strong on corporate matters and M&A”, the firm provides “brilliant service and high-quality advice”. Ilona Zekely is “diligent, tenacious and talented”. The “quick, competent” Oleg Boichuk is recommended along with Oksana Ilchenko.”

In Belarus “the firm’s corporate head Anna Rusetskaya and managing partner Dennis Turovets are part of a working group of legal advisers acting for the Belarusian Ministry of Economy on a pilot privatisation project. Corporate, finance and capital markets are core elements of the practice.”

 “Dimitry Afanasiev continues to be a highly visible figure in the market. Sources see him on "very high-profile deals," where his wide practice covering international corporate transactions, dispute resolution and public policy is valued.”

Robin Wittering and Mikhail Kazantsev are both recommended.

“The firm's German desk is headed by Austrian-qualified Ilona Zekely (Kiyv). It acts for German and German-speaking clients on a range of matters, including corporate transactions and financing.”

“Department head [in Minsk] Anna Rusetskaya is a common choice for investment projects, particularly those involving foreign entities.”

“Allen Thomas heads the firm's London office. He is qualified in the USA and the UK, making him an asset when it comes to cross-border corporate and M&A transactions.”

Andrew Mac heads up the firm's office in Washington, DC, where he helps to co-ordinate transactions with Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) jurisdictions.”

“One of the top firms” in Belarus. The firm's recent mandates display a good mix of financial and corporate work.”

“Managing partner Dennis Turovets [Minsk] is the firm's most prominent figure. Competitors consider him one of the strongest financial and corporate lawyers in the country and clients say he is a dealmaker: “He's a very intelligent lawyer. The laws in Belarus can make it very difficult to do business there but he always finds solutions.”

“Clients are very impressed with the work of the firm [in Russia], with one describing it as a “competitive professional team who are demonstrating keen minds, self-reliance and thorough analytic skills”.

The firm’s clients in Ukraine “continue to be impressed” by the services. “The firm's work has been interesting and varied, including restructurings, acquisition and project financings and bond issues, acting for the banks, borrowers and issuers.”

“Oksana Ilchenko [Kyiv] has secured some significant cross border mandates. One of the firm's few public deals was led by counsel Oleg Boichuk [Kyiv].”

In Russia “the firm has become one of the most dominant players in the market. Its network of offices in the region also provides clients with specialised local knowledge in cross-border mandates. The team distinguishes itself by its deep knowledge of market dynamics and trends. As a result, the group advises on many of the most exciting transactions around.”

“Proactive and creative in finding solutions.”

“Dimitry Afanasiev is "an extremely well-regarded, influential figure," confirm market commentators. His broad expertise covers a range of practice areas.”

“As one of the oldest firms in the city, the firm in St. Petersburg has cultivated excellent links across both public and private sectors, and its business knowledge is much sought after.”

“Elena Agaeva (St. Petersburg) remains the best-known transactional lawyer at the firm, and a key figure in the local market. She is highlighted by market commentators for her creativity, communication and business development skills.”

“The Kyiv office after the 2011 merger acquired more Russian clients, while continuing to advise notable international corporates.”

“Oksana Ilchenko was recently appointed head of the corporate and M&A practice [in Ukraine]. Clients describe her as a "good to work with – quick and efficient."

“The Minsk office focuses on large-scale, high-value international investment projects in the Belarusian market. The team is particularly effective in combining its strong connections to domestic industry with its cross-border capabilities.”

"The team has excellent knowledge of the Belarusian legal system and institutions, and provides clear responses in a short timeframe."

“The reputation of [Minsk] managing partner Dennis Turovets continues to increase in Belarus. He impresses sources by taking the lead on deals, and by "putting himself in the shoes of the client to provide answers to all questions."

“Anna Rusetskaya (Minsk) demonstrates particular prowess on cross-border assignments.”

“Oksana Ilchenko was recently appointed head of the corporate and M&A practice [in Ukraine]. She is also well versed in competition and employment issues.”

“Austrian-qualified partner Ilona Zekely (Kyiv) advises German-speaking clients on corporate and commercial matters and assists the firm's other practice groups with Austrian law questions.”

“The reputation of managing partner Dennis Turovets continues to increase in Belarus. He impresses sources by taking the lead on deals.”

“Anna Rusetskaya (Minsk) demonstrates particular prowess on cross-border assignments.”

“Allen Thomas heads the London office of EPAM and is a key contact for Russia-related corporate work. According to sources, he is a “solid commercial lawyer and an able negotiator.”

“EPAM [in Russia] acts for multinational clients, as well as its long-established Russian state-owned and private corporate clients.” The firm “is highly regarded in St Petersburg, having been founded in the city. Elena Agaeva heads the corporate practice, which has separate real estate and transport teams. Associate Anton Alekseev (Moscow) is “a very good professional with profound analytical and communication skills”.

The firm in Ukraine “is working on a large solar energy deal in the Crimea. Oleg Boichuk is recommended along with Ilona Zekely, who advises many German-speaking clients.”

The firm “is a frequent presence in major Belarusian financings. Anna Rusetskaya heads the corporate and M&A practice.”

“The firm … has a good place in the banking sector due to its roles on bank related M&A … and in banking and debt litigation cases. The team also often gets instructed by investment funds.”

In Belarus “EPAM has continued to build on its success after breaking in to the top tier last year, securing roles in a number of important deals.”

“For peers and clients, [Belarus] practice head Dennis Turovets is among the firm's strongest lawyers. According to one managing partner, in terms of financial and corporate advisers based in Belarus, Turovets is "one of the best". One competitor also remarks that the quality extends to the whole of the team, saying: "We know a couple of their associates over there. They have an international background so the quality is there." Clients view him equally favourably.”

“The team has deep experience in handling Russia's top businesses as well as state bodies, and has an increasingly international corporate practice. The corporate team is also a favourite for international law firms requiring expert Russian law advice. “The firm is well organised, with a good network and an impressive list of clients.” Clients are enthusiastic about the service, pointing to the team's responsiveness and strong work ethic, as well as its ability to handle large and complex transactions.

“An extremely successful firm with great connections.”

“Name partner Dimitry Afanasiev is one of the most prominent Russian lawyers in the market, and attracts commendations for his exemplary grasp of domestic legislation.”

“Elena Sokolovа (St Petersburg) is a favourite with clients, who praise her excellent communication skills and understanding of their business needs. According to sources, she has the “right personality for client relations and knows how to identify expertise within the firm to assist with specific problems.”

“New to the rankings, Anna Kukli (St Petersburg) wins recognition from clients for her excellent support in transactions. With a practice covering civil, trade and labour law, she is “quick at finding solutions, accurate in her advice and very knowledgeable about Russian law and regulations.”

In Ukraine this local giant continues to provide top-drawer work in corporate and M&A. The firm has a strong client portfolio with a mix of high profile internationals and domestic heavyweights. It is recommended for corporate restructuring and cross-border M&A, where its long track record and expertise are particularly evident.”

“From the legal point of view it is perfect, and the firm's performance is impressive.”

“… located in Washington, DC … Andrew Mac continues to be viewed as an excellent organiser who has “a very strong track record in Ukraine.” He enjoys an excellent reputation for his proficiency in cross-border transactions.”

 “Name partner Dimitry Afanasiev is one of the most prominent Russian lawyers in the market, and attracts commendations for his exemplary grasp of domestic legislation.”

“Kirill Ratnikov’s […] expertise in advising strategic investors across the CIS will be a great asset to this new CIS venture.”

"Partner Allen Thomas who "brings many years of experience to meeting the needs of the firm's Russian clients on international transactions" is ”mentioned in the editorial for UK.”

“Andrew Mac has “a very strong track record in Ukraine.” He enjoys an excellent reputation for his proficiency in cross-border transactions. He is currently based in Washington, DC, but continues to play a managing role within the firm.”

  “Russia’s legal market is dominated by large international law firms, although home-grown law firm EPAM is notable for its size and prestige, and recently enhanced its status regionally by absorbing the well-regarded Ukrainian firm, Magisters.”

“EPAM is involved in several initiatives designed to grow its English law capacity as well as its presence and reach internationally. Its recent merger with Magisters reinforced a number of practice areas, including corporate and M&A, and added various new offices across the CIS region. Dmitry Stepanov, who routinely advises the government on new and existing legislation, co-heads the team with Kirill Ratnikov.”

“EPAM’ “fast and reliable” team has been advising Russian and foreign clients on major transactions in the St Petersburg region and north-western Russia. Practice head Elena Sokolova is “very committed, experienced and pleasant to work with”, and Vladimir Lobastov is “very competent, experienced, hardworking and committed, has a good commercial understanding, and shows excellent communication skills”.

“Andrew Mac has established a reputation acting for large clients.”
 "Egorov Puginsky is a pure Russian law firm and is very close to the government. They are well-known and are strong in M&A," explains one peer.”

"The firm breaks through to the top tier this year with a clutch of notable deals and the backing of those in the market." 
 “Dimitry Afanasiev ... impresses with his "pragmatic style, which ensures he covers all the potential problems," say clients. He retains a strong reputation for his transactional work, both in Russia and throughout the CIS, where the firm does some significant work.”
 “This Russian outfit is well known for its long-established relationships with major Russian companies.”

“Sources say: "It's a very solid Russian outfit, very good on the Russian law issues and experienced in lobbying."

“Dimitry Afanasiev is the firm's public face, noted as a long-standing and impressive practitioner.”
 “EPAM “provides solutions from start to finish, tailoring its support to the changing demands of legislation and national constraints.”

“Dimitry Afanasiev, Mikhail Kazantsev and Dmitry Stepanov are recommended.”

“The corporate and finance focused [UK] practice of Russian firm EPAM assists European clients with investments in Russia, and also provides Russian clients with advice on cross-border transactions.”
 “EPAM enjoys a good reputation in the market, with a client who uses a number of firms saying "they are the best Russian law firm."

“Belarus office is "showing versatility and winning mandates on large project financings, capital markets transactions and corporate matters.” 
 “This substantial team is renowned for its prominent practitioners and understanding of the local market." Clients agree that the team compares well with multinationals.”

“The firm works to international standards in its dedication, quality and willingness to develop novel ideas to solve complex problems.”

“Dimitry Afanasiev is an influential figure on the Moscow legal scene. “He is tough, realistic and honest," comment clients.”

“The firm has “massive local knowledge and international service level.”
 “Ukrainian practice is praised for “massive local knowledge and international service level”and is noted for excellence in complex M&A deals.”

“The firm’s practice in Russia is praised for its “unique CIS focus and adherence to international standards of client care and timeliness.”
 “The deal list is "very impressive."

“Clients say that the firm “is well reputed in the market for having a good network and being especially strong with Russian clients" and that "it is very good, very active, very fast and very willing to understand EU and US requirements and foreign practices, corporate compliances and ethics.”

“Andrew Mac: "the pick of the bunch" and "a great M&A lawyer.”

“The firm is a "serious contender for international clients in the Belarus market," and clients say the firm’s lawyers "are comfortable to work with."

“The Partners Anna Rusetskaya and Dennis Turovets "command a strong reputation among peers and clients" and are named leading lawyers in Belarus.”
 “Praised throughout the market as being “probably the best among the Russian firms.”

“Dimitry Afanasiev has good working relationships with many big Russian clients and is considered the firm’s “absolute star for all major deals.”

"Outstanding leaders, in addition to a good-sized supporting team who have all had exceptional hands-on training."

“The practice is one of the largest in the market and is predominantly active in M&A work.”

“Andrew Mac wins client praise for "delivering a well-balanced mix of American and local expertise" and is highly regarded for its work for top-notch clients.”
 “The firm’s Ukrainian M&A and Corporate Practice is one of the largest in the market and is predominantly active in M&A work.”

“The firm in Russia "offers English law advice and has hired a number of highly regarded Russian lawyers". The firm “continues to build up its reputation in the market" and is praised for being "remarkably active", with highlight work.”
 “Clients say Andrew Mac is "always knowing what we want and giving spot-on answers with which you can work.”

“The team has the ability to "successfully marry western legal standards with knowledge of the very intricate and at times contradictory local legislation."

“EPAM has cemented its position as one of the leading Russian corporate practices with a consistent string of high-profile mandates.”
 “Clients say the firm’s lawyers "do their best work in this sector" and "are responsive, well-connected, good lawyers."
 “According to one interviewee: “It is dealing with larger deals than many of the other domestic firms and, as such, is one of the few outfits that is looking ready to compete head to head against the internationals.”

“Additional strength in related areas such as competition has helped it to “make real waves” this year in corporate M&A.”

“The sources applaud the firm's "genuinely professional approach and depth of quality, which really make a difference to a deal" and highlight the firm's "international experience, Western attitude and understanding of clients' needs."

“A Moscow office's client found the firm "impressive, concise and direct - the pricing was reasonable and the team worked well to fulfil our expectations."

“Representing both Russian and international companies, the St Petersburg branch of this domestic firm is praised by clients for its “dedicated and diplomatic” lawyers. The firm has strengths in corporate and real estate law, and has also benefited from St Petersburg’s increasingly active automotive sector. The team is also admired for its extensive local knowledge.”
 "Undeniably high quality."

“One client said that Andrew Mac "was there when issues needed solving.”
 “2006 saw EPAM create its own piece of history, with the firm acting as lead counsel to Russian Aluminium on its merger with SUAL and Glencore International AG – the first time a domestic firm has negotiated the principal terms of such a deal.”

“Name partner Dimitry Afanasiev is highly recommended.”
 “A solution-driven firm."