Project Finance and Public-Private Partnership
Project Finance and Public-Private Partnership

The world-class legal advice on most complex issues in project financing and public-private partnerships (PPPs) gains recognition of the leading international legal guides.

“The firm … has a good place in the banking sector due to its roles on bank related M&A … and in banking and debt litigation cases. The team also often gets instructed by investment funds.”

In Belarus “EPAM has continued to build on its success after breaking in to the top tier last year, securing roles in a number of important deals."

“For peers and clients, [Belarus] practice head Dennis Turovets is among the firm's strongest lawyers. According to one managing partner, in terms of financial and corporate advisers based in Belarus, Turovets is "one of the best". One competitor also remarks that the quality extends to the whole of the team, saying: "We know a couple of their associates over there. They have an international background so the quality is there." Clients view him equally favourably. One who recently worked with his team on a real estate deal – notoriously tricky in Belarus given the red tape that has to be cut through – says: "They did a decent job. The lawyers are switched on; always keen to help. They have a clear picture of what's going on in Belarus in terms of local laws and trends so it was quite a helpful to seek their advice." The client emphasised the part associate Igor Odinets had in the deal, noting: "He did most of the heavy lifting."

The firm’s “PPP team has been boosted by practitioners with recognised expertise.”

“Kirill Ratnikov is a name synonymous with PPP work, and he continues to be visible in Russia whilst actively developing his profile in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Clients admire his dedication and negotiation skills, describing him as a “perfect specialist.”

  “EPAM’ PPP capability was substantially enhanced when Kirill Ratnikov joined following the merger with Magisters. He will continue to lead the project finance and PPP practice across the CIS region. Clients are impressed by Ratnikov’s ability to “establish warm personal relationships combined with the right portion of determination”.
   “The team offers "swift response times" and is “always reachable". The firm is "able to advise across the whole CIS region". The research notes Kirill Ratnikov who lends his expertise and experience of infrastructure and PPP matters.”
 “The analysts recommend the firm’s practice in Russia and applaud the recent arrival of Partner Kirill Ratnikov, who is praised for “outstanding experience representing the Russian government and private sector.”
   “Partner Kirill Ratnikov “has long played a key role in the top PPP projects in Russia, and has built an enviable portfolio of prestigious instructions on Russian transport matters.”
  “The firm’s "highly regarded projects lawyer" in Moscow Kirill Ratnikov is praised for advising on "the biggest infrastructure deals across the CIS", including the financial closure of M1 toll road connecting Moscow with Minsk, development of a $1 billion toll road project in Kazakhstan and a €120 million waste recycling plant in Russia.”
   “A client said that communication with the firm “was smooth and their reply to our question was precise and detailed."