31 May 2021
The Moscow Exchange Presents "Guidelines For Issuers: How to Enter the Public Debt Market", Prepared in Collaboration With the Lawyers of EPAM

On May 28, 2021, the Moscow Exchange presented "Guidelines for issuers: how to enter the public debt market", which was prepared with the participation of EPAM. The chapter on asset securitization was co-authored by lawyers from the Banking & Finance, Capital Markets Practice of the Firm.

The Guide is intended both for companies that are just planning to enter the public debt market and for experienced borrowers. The Guide covers such aspects as requirements for issuers, the role of ratings, specifics on the process of preparing and placing an issue, and what to expect after entering the public debt market.

“Annually, about 40 new companies enter the bond market of the Moscow Exchange, and we are receiving constant requests from them and other counterparties for clarifications and comments on the practice of issuing bonds. Therefore, we invited the best experts on the subject of debt markets to prepare the Guide. In addition to the experts of the Moscow Exchange itself, there are also representatives of banks, legal consultants, auditors and rating agencies who shared their extensive experience in the pages of this Guide, ”said Vladimir Gusakov, Managing Director for Relations with Issuers and Authorities of the Moscow Exchange.

The chapter on the securitization of assets, the authors of which are Oleg Ushakov,  Counsel at EPAM,  and  Gilyana Kharaeva, a lawyer in the  Banking & Finance, Capital Markets Practice at EPAM, examines the types of securitization and the specific elements of transactions in mortgages and other types of financial assets. In addition, the chapter includes a standard transaction outline describing the key participants and their roles, the main preparatory steps, including the stages of bond issuances, as well as a relevant guide for interested investors. Read the chapter >>

The Guide is available on the Moscow Exchange website and will be updated as the bond market develops and new practices and instruments emerge.

You can find the Official release of the Moscow Exchange here>>