20 January 2021
Ilona Zekely Appointed as Human Rights Officer at the IBA European Regional Forum

The IBA European Regional Forum has announced the appointment of Ilona Zekely, Partner heading the European Desk at EPAM, as the Forum’s Human Rights Officer effective January 1, 2021.
In her role, Ilona will be coordinating the efforts with other officers of the IBA, the Human Rights Committee and liaise with the IBA Human Rights Institute, which has been working with the global legal community in order to facilitate and protect human rights and the independence of legal profession around the world. She is also expected to work closely with the IBA Public Policy Working Party.
Being an officer of the IBA requires full commitment to the best professional standards and adherence to the impeccable work ethics, and I’m really excited and honored to be recognized for this role. My experience of work across different jurisdictions and cultures will support promoting the interests of the Human Rights Committee further, says Ilona
The full list of the Forum officers and activities is available at https://www.int-bar.org/Officers/Index.cfm?unit=109_0_0_1_0.

The European Regional Forum was established in 1989 to provide a focus originally on the work undertaken by the IBA to develop the practice under the changing legal systems of lawyers in Eastern and Central Europe. The forum was also intended to act as a channel for IBA communication with the local bar associations. Since 2004 the forum has been developing and strengthening the IBA’s presence within the whole of Europe by promoting the IBA’s goals to both members and non-members, while disseminating professional know-how and assisting the committees and other constituencies of the IBA in increasing their presence throughout Europe.