24 February 2022
EPAM Attorneys Have Successfully Helped Rusagro Secure Trademark Recognition of the Moscow Provensal Brand

The team of EPAM provided legal support to the Rusagro Group of Companies, the largest vertical agricultural holding in Russia, in securing trademark recognition of the Moscow Provensal brand.

The principal turned to the Firm’s lawyers to protect the designation of the principle’s product based on EPAM’s successful experience in securing trademark recognition of several other well-known brands. Currently, only about 200 well-known trademarks have this special status in Russia.

Thanks to comprehensive collaboration with the divisions of the group of companies, a large-scale evidence base of several thousand documents was prepared. The lawyers actively interacted with sociological organisations in the process of preparing expert studies, including those devoted to brand recognition, its association with the client, consumer confidence in the brand, product market share, and assessment of presence in the media space.

As a result, EPAM attorneys proved to Rospatent, represented by the Chamber for Patent Disputes, that “Moscow Provensal” is not only well-known throughout the Russian Federation, but is well-known precisely as a trademark of the client.

Rusagro was represented by the Intellectual Property/TMT team, including Partner, Head of Practice Pavel Sadovsky and Senior Associate Maxim Burda.



Maxim Burda

Maxim Burda