21 October 2021
EPAM Open Own Department at the Higher School of Economics Faculty of Law

On October 20, 2021, an agreement to open a new foundation department ran by the largest Russian law firm - EPAM was signed at the High School of Economics (HSE). The study program is scheduled to start in November 2021.

The HSE vice-rector Vadim Radaev addressed the audience with a welcoming speech, noting that the Faculty of Law of the Higher School of Economics will become the only faculty boasting a foundation department. “It is important for us to work with the market leaders, such as EPAM, and we look forward to our unique collaboration,” he said.

The opening of the department is in line with the current strategy of the faculty, aimed at training graduates that will be in high demand with prospective employers, thanks to their legal knowledge and relevant practical skills.

EPAM's lawyers together with the faculty teachers, will provide the training in the format of round tables, specialized courses, and master classes. In addition, the foundation department will host a large-scale student competition in the form of a moot court.

The faculty's leading students will be offered an internship at EPAM, with the prospect of future employment.

“Even before entering into this arrangement, colleagues from EPAM taught at the HSE. This new level of cooperation - the launch of a foundation department - will allow us to improve the legal education at the faculty. We have many plans where joint efforts are especially important, for example, when launching a bachelor's degree program in digital law,” said Vadim Vinogradov, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the HSE.

“As an employer, through starting cooperation with students as specialists, we to some degree take on the function of quality control of the education they receive. HSE graduates', as those of one of the country's leading universities, are distinguished by a high degree of motivation and ability to work in a competitive environment. They are intent of hard work and are ready to continue their studies in order to truly hone their professional skills. This is essential for a successful legal career. That is why the collaboration between EPAM and HSE has a symbiotic value: we, as practicing lawyers, will be able to give students the knowledge, skills and experience that we ourselves expect from graduates at the entry point to the legal market and big business," added Denis Arkhipov, Ph.D., Partner co-heading Litigation Practice at EPAM, who is now heading the department.



Denis Arkhipov

Denis Arkhipov

Moscow, Limassol