6 January 2005

The commercial laws of The Russian Federation. Part 18. Writs of Execution

The procedure of execution (enforcement) of judicial acts is governed by Section VII of the new Arbitrazh Procedure Code of the RF of 24 July 2004 No. 95-FZ (hereinafter the “APC”), Chapter 47 of Section VI and Section VII of the new Civil Procedure Code of the RF of 14 November 2002 No. 138-FZ (hereinafter the “CPC”), the federal law No. 118-FZ On Court Bailiffs of 21 July 1997 and the Federal Law On Execution Procedure No. 119-FZ of the same date...

by Ilya Nikiforov, managing partner of EPA&P St.Petersburg office

6 January 2005

The commercial laws of The Russian Federation. Part 17. Recognition of Foreign Judgements

Recognition and execution of foreign judgements is possible and is carried out in practice. The basis for recognition and execution of foreign judgements are treaties on judicial assistance. Currently such treaties exist with the about forty countries: Romania, Albania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, North Korea, Poland, Iraq, Yemen, Algeria, Bulgaria, Greece, Tunisia, Cyprus, Cuba, Mongolia, China, Kyrgizia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Moldova, Azerbajdzhan, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Argentina, etc...

by Ilya Nikiforov, managing partner of EPA&P St.Petersburg office

6 January 2005

The commercial laws of The Russian Federation. Part 16. Civil Actions and Procedures

The Constitution provides for creation of two systems of courts: federal courts and courts of subunits of the Russian Federation. Today both systems are functioning...

by Ilya Nikiforov, managing partner of EPA&P St.Petersburg office

6 January 2005

The commercial laws of The Russian Federation. Part 15. Business Organizations

The basic document of the Russian joint-stock legislation is the RF Federal law On Joint-Stock Companies of 26 December 1995 with latest amendments from 6 April 2004 (hereinafter “the law On Joint-Stock Companies”). Considerable amendments to this Law have been also introduced in 2001...

by Ilya Nikiforov, managing partner of EPA&P St.Petersburg office

3 December 2003

Dimitry Afanasiev's commentary on the Russian court system in The Moscow Times

Elections, the independence of the courts and a high-profile furniture scandal converged Monday, as a Moscow City Court judge accused the Prosecutor General's Office of pressuring the court to issue rulings in its favor.

6 July 2003

Russian approach to immunity and enforcement against Russian public entities

Russian approach to immunity of the state agencies has not been crystallized yet. There are two aspects to this problem: (i) immunity of Russian public entities in foreign courts and status of their extraterritorial assets and (ii) standing of foreign public entities and international organizations in Russian courts...

by Ilya Nikiforov, magaging partner of EPA&P's St.Petersburg office

6 November 2002

New Regulation On Insolvency in the Russian Federation

Since inauguration of Russia’s first bankruptcy law in early 1990-ies, insolvency procedures where routinely used as an instrument of hostile takeovers. Provisions of than-current Bankruptcy law that effectively restricted the right of debtors to appeal decisions of courts on interim issues in the course of bankruptcy proceedings were even held unconstitutional (and thus void) by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation...

6 July 2002

Alternative Banking Regulation – the Islamic Approach

During last twenty years there has been a rapid development of financial institutions that can be classified as Islamic in that they do not deal in interest-based transactions...

By Igor Serebriakov, EPA&P senior lawyer

26 September 2001

Article in The MoscowNews on Russian-American Business Councilcase

Dmitry Afanasyev, a member of the board of the Russian-American Council for Business Cooperation and a lawyer with Yegorov, Puginsky, Afanasyev & Partners law firm, believes that Russia stands to gain in economic terms if it takes part in a worldwide antiterrorist operation...

13 October 2000

Latest news on Russian-American Business Council case by ITAR-TASS

The recently established Russian-American business cooperation council intends to promote actively the interests of the Russian companies on the U.S. market, a member of the Council executive board Dmitry Afanasyev assured Itar-Tass. He represented the organisation at a conference of Russian and American business leaders here...

3 February 2000

Article in TheMetals Week on VSMPO-Avisma Titanium Case

Barclays Bank, the Bank of New York and Bank Austria are the latest to be accused of participating in a scheme to defraud Russian titanium and magnesium producer Avisma of trading profits, according to recent filings in a federal district court in New Jersey...

4 October 1999

Article in The Financial Times on VSMPO-Avisma Titanium Case

Avisma lawyers (Berezniki Titanium-Magnesium Producing Plant),who initiated legal procedure in the USA against the well known entrepreneur K.Dart, suspect him of illegal transferring the yields from exporting titanium through the banks of New York...

1 November 1995

Current Developments in Russian Securities Law

The Federal Commission for Securities and Stock Markets under the Government of Russia ("Russian SEC") has become more active in regulating the securities markets in Russia, which confirms the trend to follow the American rather than European pattern of regulatory system. In its new role, the Russian SEC gradually takes away some control over securities regulation from the traditional regulatory bodies: the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.

17 January 1995

Latest news on international kidnapping case by "PR Newswire"

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reported that Philadelphia resident Dimitry Afanasiev, an attorney at Wolf, Block, Schorr and Solis-Cohen, provided vital assistance to the Bureau in their efforts to crack an international kidnapping case...

11 July 1993

Dmitry Afanasiev's story in The Ethnic NewsWatch

Dmitry Afanasiev's time in the United States has been filled with international drama and professional success. After helping resolve a kidnapping case in Russia, he has started his own firm advising Russians and Americans on how to do business with each other...