13 October 2000
Latest news on Russian-American Business Council case by ITAR-TASS

Business cooperation council to promote Russian sales in US

Andrei Surzhannsky

The recently established Russian-American business cooperation council intends to promote actively the interests of the Russian companies on the U.S. market, a member of the Council executive board Dmitry Afanasyev assured Itar-Tass. He represented the organisation at a conference of Russian and American business leaders here.

The association members are major Russian companies, such as Gazprom natural gas mammoth, Vympelcom telecommunications firm, Wimm-Bill-Dann manufacturer and Verkhnesaldinsk metals production amalgamation.

"We begin out work not with claims but with wishes addressed to the Kremlin and the White House. We shall send notes with out wishes to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the future U.S. president," Afanasyev said.

"The notes will highlight issues of special interest to the Russian companies. These include a call for cuts in the customs duties, the removal of artificial barriers that impede the marketing of Russian goods and services in the United States. the first breakthrough has already been achieved: the Americans have agreed to annul customs duties on forged titanium.