19 November 2014
Merger Control in Russia: New Trends and Developments

Liberalization of Russia’s competition law, the Law on Protection of Competition, is ongoing and aimed at aligning it with international best practices. The number of merger control notifications submitted to the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia (FAS) has decreased dramatically. Ten years ago, some 6,000 prior notifications and 44,000 post-closing notifications were submitted to the FAS. In comparison, the FAS and its regional offices reviewed only 2,258 prior notifications (including 400 from foreign investors) and 1,913 post-closing notifications in 2013.1 The decrease was caused by continuous modification of the competition law initiated by the FAS, starting with reduction in thresholds amounts. This trend continued in the first half of 2014: only 807 prior notifications and 322 post-closing notifications were reviewed.

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Anna Numerova

Anna Numerova