7 September 2020
Intra-Departmental Appeal at the FAS Russia: Key Decisions | Alexey Rodionov co-authors practical commentary book

In August 2020, the third edition of the book which details the legal views of the FAS Russia collective bodies was released. The book is a joint effort of the Antimonopoly Service and the Competition Experts Association with contributions from the HSE Institute for the Study of Competition Policy and Market Regulation experts. Alexey Rodionov, Counsel in the Competition Law Practice of EPAM, co-authored the book as a member of the Competition Experts Association task force.

The book has brought together the most important explanations and decisions by the FAS Russia. In this year’s publication however, the focus is not exclusively on the acts delivered by the collective bodies, but also addresses a number of insightful explanations from the central office given in the form of letters. The comments also address matters beyond the official positions of the Antimonopoly Service  which requires explanation. The book has traditionally concluded with the draft Review of the FAS Russia Collective Bodies Practice from July 1, 2018 through July 1, 2019. This edition will also include expert commentary on certain decisions which are vital for the practice and were made by intra-departmental appeal but have not previously been included in the draft review.

Read more on Competition Experts Association website:  competitionsupport.com/stuff_type/publicacii/ (in Russian)


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