4 February 2020
Practice Issues of Foreign Investments Filing in Russia | Anna Numerova and Elena Kazak for International Antitrust Bulletin by ABA Antitrust Law Section

The regulation of foreign investments in Russia has become more stringent in recent years. A number of amendments have been introduced to the laws providing the legal regulatory framework for foreign investments in Russia, namely to both the Strategic Investments Law and the Foreign Investments Law. While the amendments to the Strategic Investments Law concern only those foreign companies investing in Russian strategic industries having importance for the national defense and state security, the most recent modification to the Foreign Investments Law affects all the foreign investors. A review of the application of these amendments over the last several years allows for the making of some intermediary conclusions based on the case law with regard to the nature and scope of the Foreign Investments Law’s applicability.

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International Antitrust Bulletin, 2019 Vol. 2


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