22 April 2024

EPAM Law Sponsors the 9th All-Russian Youth Competition IP&IT LAW – 2024

Pavel Sadovsky, Partner and Head of Intellectual Property / TMT Practice, will serve as a juror, bringing his vast experience to the evaluation process.

The competition welcomes a diverse range of participants including students, postgraduates, and young specialists from state and non-state universities, both within Russia and internationally.

A highlight of the competition is the rigorous selection process, centered on a contest of written legal works. Winners and those specially recognised by the jury will have their work published in esteemed journals like the Intellectual Rights Court Journal or Russian Competition Law and Economics. This competition has been acknowledged with the Runet Prize for its contribution to the development of legal thought in the digital society.

The purpose of IP&IT LAW – 2024 is to:

  • identify promising areas for legal counselling on the implementation and use of digital technologies, judicial relief and protection of intellectual rights in the digital environment, as well as legal counselling for e-businesses;
  • stimulate young people’s interest in legal matters closely related to the digital economy development;
  • promote research activities among students and young professionals;
  • draw governmental and public attention to legal aspects of the digital economy.

The competition results will be announced at April, 22.

About the Competition