26 March 2024

Series of Business Breakfast Meetings | Dividends Included in the Customs Value of Imported Goods

Checklist to Prepare for Customs Inspections: EPAM invites you to attend a series of business breakfast meetings to discuss the most pressing issues in customs control. The first breakfast in the series, titled “Burning Issue: Risks of Including Dividends in the Customs Value of Imported Goods,” will take place on 26 March 2024 at EPAM’s Moscow office.

Companies engaged in international trade are receiving increased attention from customs authorities due to dividends paid by a Russian importer to a foreign founder being included in the customs value of previously imported goods. These typically involve past deliveries (e.g., those that occurred in 2021) that are reviewed and become subject to additional customs charges, despite no changes in customs legislation regarding dividends to date.

During the discussion, leading EPAM tax and customs experts will analyze trends in current law enforcement practice and share tips on efficiently managing the risks of including dividends in the customs value of goods and related tax consequences.

By the end of the meeting, attendees will have the tools to create a checklist and a step-by-step guide to prepare for potential inspections by customs authorities.

*This meeting is intended for owners, top managers, heads of legal departments, commercial and financial directors, and chief accountants of companies engaged in foreign economic activities*.

Topics for Discussion:

  • New law enforcement trends: causes, realities, and consequences.
  • Key issue: customs inspections regarding the inclusion of dividends in the customs value of previously imported goods.
  • Tax risks and potential consequences.
  • Regulatory rules: important aspects of restrictions on dividend payments and profit distribution.
  • Efficient legal remedies: checklists and step-by-step guides.


  • Inna ELISANOVA, Co-Head of International Trade & Customs, EPAM Law.
  • Igor SCHIKOW, Counsel, Tax Practice, EPAM Law.
  • Roman MALOVITSKY, Partner, Banking & Finance, and Capital Markets, EPAM Law.

Attendance and registration procedure:

The meeting will be held in an in-person format with no online broadcasting.

Whilst participation is free of charge, the number of seats is limited, and pre-registration is mandatory.

Participation is restricted to law firms, consulting businesses, and privately-practising lawyers and attorneys. The organizers reserve their right to deny attendance.

Questions: for a more targeted discussion, kindly forward your questions to no later than on 25 March 2024.

Contacts: +7 (495) 935 80 10 (Natalia Nikulina, Victoria Evstigneeva)

* The panel of speakers and programme of the event may be amended.