1 June 2021

Virtual Discussion “Global Losses: How to Calculate, Prove, Collect and Use Losses to Challenge Transactions”

The recovery of losses is a universal means of protecting a business’ interests. However, its application involves complex issues including proof of damage, calculating lost profits and, where corporate relations are concerned, proving that the management were acting unreasonably and in bad faith. Yet, the very fact that losses were incurred may be used to challenge those transactions that do not benefit the company. We are going to discuss those and other aspects of loss recovery at the event hosted by EPAM.

The virtual discussion will be held on June 1, 2021 from 10:30 to 12:30.

Topics for discussion*:

Losses as a means of universal protection: when can losses be recovered, how can losses be proven and how should one proceed to not exceed the stature of limitations?

  • Can one limit their liability when losses are being recovered?
  • Losses in corporate relations and bankruptcy: who is to pay for the damage caused?
  • How to use the damage caused to challenge company transactions?
  • Methods and difficulties of loss profit calculations: an economic analysis
  • Losses from antimonopoly offenses
  • Tax aspects of calculating losses


  • Vera RIKHTERMAN, Litigation Partner at EPAM


  • Vitaly PRUZHANSKY, PhD, Partner at RBB Economics
  • Vladimir RODIONOV, Litigation Associate at EPAM
  • Alexey ARTEMENKO, Litigation Associate at EPAM
  • Igor SCHIKOW, Counsel of Tax Practice at EPAM
  • Denis GAVRILOV, Competition Counsel at EPAM

In order to make our discussion more relevant, we would invite you to send your questions to in advance, no later than on May 26, 2021. Attendance is free of charge** but requires pre-registration.

Contacts: Natalia Nikulina, Elmira Smirnova +7 (495) 935 80 10,

*The program and the panel are subject to amendments.

**Participation is restricted to in-house lawyers and businesses only.