1 December 2021

Maria Kobanenko Will Speak at Eurasian Cartel Forum 2021

On December 1, 2021, Legal Academy will hold the 3rd Eurasian Cartel Forum supported by the FAS Russia. Maria Kobanenko, Competition Partner at EPAM, will speak at the forum.

The forum focuses on cartel investigations in the Eurasian Economic Union member states and will host a number of sessions addressing the problems and prospects in the fight against cartels in the modern age of digitalization and globalization, the practice and prospects of collaboration between the antitrust and the law enforcement authorities, as well as antitrust enforcement by courts.

The forum will include moderated discussions involving spokespeople from the FAS Russia, law enforcement authorities, and the judiciary, as well as leading antitrust experts and practitioners.

EPAM Partner Maria Kobanenko will speak at the session “Fight against Cartels in the Digital Economy: Approaches Used by Antitrust Authorities”, where the relevant experts will address the challenges faced by the antitrust regulators in the digital area, review the FAS Russia’s draft in detail and analyse the other existing digital programs used throughout the world to fight cartels.

More details on the forum.