26-27 October 2017 , St. Petersburg

Ivan Smirnov and Alexey Karchiomov to Speak at Saint-Petersburg Annual Investment Forum

On October 26-27 St. Petersburg will host the 2nd Annual Investment Forum.

Ivan Smirnov, Managing Partner of the St. Petersburg office of EPAM, will speak on How to achieve a synergistic effect of Saint Petersburg's advantages while struggling for investment? during the plenary session A global city and its role in the global economy. Investments into technologies, talent and creativity.

Alexey Karchiomov, Senior Associate of Maritime Shipping / Transport Law Practice at EPAM, will deliver a report on Mechanisms for the acceleration and simplification of customs procedures and the integration into the European customs technologies. How to simplify procedures related to the cross-border movement of commodities and services? during the session Transportation and logistics: Growth potential for Saint Petersburg.

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Alexey Karchiomov

Alexey Karchiomov

St. Petersburg