28 October 2010

Ilya Nikiforov to speak at the Inter-Regional Conference in Saint-Petersburg

Ilya Nikiforov, managing partner of EPAM Saint-Petersburg office, will deliver a speech at the Inter-Regional Conference, focused on ‘Innovative Approach to Legal Support of Business’. The event, organised jointly by the Delovoy Peterburg newspaper and the Severnaya Stolitsa Innovation & Education Center, will be held in Saint-Petersburg on 27 – 29 October 2010.

The level of in-house legal support, where highly qualified lawyers help companies conduct business within law and order, plays an important role in commercial success of a business.

Accelerating pace of business visibly changes the way the legal departments of companies operate. In recent years, the performance of in-house lawyers has become increasingly dependent on the ability to utilise new document preparation techniques and procedures, absorb newly introduced legislation promptly and flexibility to follow the changing procedures for interaction with the court and supervisory authorities. Does a lawyer have to keep abreast of the most recent developments in his professional area? Or does he have to become an innovator himself? Who devises new technologies for the legal area?

Heads of legal departments and experts of law firms, representatives of judicial and government authorities and academics will discuss above questions and other currently relevant issues. The subjects proposed for discussion are:

  • Developments in interaction process in court and supervisory authorities
  • New application of Law No.94-FZ on state procurement
  • Contract law: court case history and new trends
  • Peculiarities of intellectual property protection
  • Commercial organization relations with investors: what is new?
  • Information technology: processing speed, depth of search and scope of coverage of the legal information field

Ilya Nikiforov will deliver a speech on the subject of Commercial Contracts Principles and other Non-State Regulators in Contractual Activities of a Business as part of the plenary session during Day 1 of the conference.

The conference also includes a business breakfast, which will take place on 27 October 2010, involving the judges of the Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast Arbitrazh Court, who will gather to discuss the ‘Innovations in the Court Process’.

Conference website in Russian