1 December 2022

EPAM Will Speak at the Annual Law Firm Management Conference

The Arbitration Association will host the Law Firm Management Conference on 1 December 2022. Attorneys of EPAM will take part in the event.

Among the key topics of the conference:

  • who the "new" and "old" players of the legal market are
  • what is “a partnership” in a law firm today
  • how do the changes in the legal market affect the clients
  • strategies for solving operational issues: finance, marketing, IT and administration

EPAM Managing Partner Ilya Nikiforov will also speak at the session.

EPAM Counsel Helen Avakyan, will be a speaker in a session entitled “Law Firms’ Finances in Turbulent Times.”

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Ilya Nikiforov

Ilya Nikiforov

Moscow, St. Petersburg