2-6 October 2023

Evgeny Raschevsky to speak at ISTAW 2023

ISTAW (Istanbul Arbitration Week), taking place from 2nd to 6th of October 2023 in Turkey, is an international arbitration event hosted by the Energy Disputes Arbitration Center (EDAC) and consists of a series of events related to international investment, trade, and arbitration.

EPAM Law is pleased to announce Evgeny Raschevsky, Partner, Head of International Arbitration and Litigation Practice will speak at the session "Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: Challenges and Opportunities". Read more.

On 6 October 2023, Evgeny Raschevsky will speak at the (information portal) conference (organised within the framework of the ISTAW) on the topic "Is there a dispute abroad? Court or Arbitration. Access to foreign legal assistance". Read more.