16 June 2022

Evgeny Bolshakov and Ksenia Firsova Will Speak at Conference on Antitrust Law

On June 16, 2022, information portal will host its conference "Antitrust Law in the Age of Sanctions". Evgeny Bolshakov, Partner and Ksenia Firsova, Senior Associate, will speak at the event.

The conference will address the present-day challenges in the Russian economy and antitrust legal issues, including: changing the regulatory landscape, imbalance in the competitive environment, sanctions’ impact on companies, tariff regulations, parallel import, and recent changes in digital markets regulation.

Partner Evgeny Bolshakov will moderate the session on the regulation of digital markets (11:30-13:00).

Senior Associate Ksenia Firsova will speak at the “Anti-competitive Agreements” session (16:00-17:30).

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