28 October 2013

EPAM lawyers to attend the V annual conference “Antitrust Regulation in Russia”

The V annual conference “Antitrust Regulation in Russia” is to be held on October 25, 2013 in Moscow and on October 27-28, 2013 in Brussels by Non-Profit Partnership for Competition Support and the newspaper Vedomosti supported by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). EPAM will act as the partner of this event.  Partner at EPAM Natalia Korosteleva, Counsel Anna Numerova and Senior Associates Maria Kobanenko and Evgeny Bolshakov are to speak at the conference. 

The conference will cover issues related to the activities of the FAS of Russia which are intended to ensure the efficient operation of the commodity markets, as well as to prevent, restrict and suppress monopolistic activities and unfair competition. The FAS pays great attention to the development of comprehensive steps to change the regulation of certain industries and natural monopolies and extend cooperation with foreign antitrust agencies thus ensuring that the antitrust legislation complies with best international standards. The conference attendees are to discuss plans to improve the antitrust law and the practice of its application in order to protect and develop competition in Russia. Certain modules will be concerned with the development of competition in different economic sectors as well as antitrust regulation, intellectual property protection and antitrust policy for consumer rights protection.

Natalia Korosteleva is to report on the first day of the conference during the module entitled “Main 2013 Events and their Impact on Antitrust Regulation” where attendees are to discuss the concept of antitrust regulation in Russia, Russia’s entry into OECD, a roadmap on competition, as well as other issues.

Evgeny Bolshakov is to present a report entitled "Concerted Actions" during the module entitled "Review of the Judicial Practice Related to Application of the Antitrust Law Provisions”. Maria Kobanenko is to attend the discussion upon completion of the module entitled “State Procurement and Contract System” where they are to discuss topical issues regarding the current legislation on state procurement, as well as key innovations to a new law “On Contract System in Procurement of Goods, Works and Services to Satisfy State and Municipal Needs” and their impact on the state order practice. 

Anna Numerova is to moderate at the module entitled “Antitrust Law and EU Practice Impact on the Russian Business” which will be held on October 28 as part of the international visiting conference in Brussels. The conference attendees are to discuss the practice of performing anti-dumping probes as applied to the Russian companies.



Anna Numerova

Anna Numerova