22 October 2009

EPAM experts to attend the 4th annual Russian Forum of Corporate Lawyers

The 4th annual Russian Forum of Corporate Lawyers is scheduled to take place on October 22-23 in Moscow hosted by Holiday Inn Sushevsky. The forum will be attended by Konstantin Lukoyanov, a senior lawyer with EPAM Law, and Maxim Rasputin, a lawyer with EPAM Law.

The key topics announced for discussion at the Form include:

• Review of new legislation

• Comments on recent amendment by representatives of states

• The place of a legal service in a company. Relations with management, investors and other departments of a company

• Bankruptcy: do creditors have a chance? Default on obligations: what creditors and debtors expect from lawyers? Recovery of debts: new approaches in the time of crisis. Reducing risks through legal mechanisms

• Protection of intellectual property rights in and outside court

• Legal support to corporate restructuring transactions and M&As

The Forum will organize a panel discussion on ‘Specifics of Legal Department’s Work amidst a Shareholder Conflict’. This panel discussion will be attended by Konstantin Lukoyanov, senior lawyer with EPAM Law.

Maxim Rasputin, lawyer with EPAM Law, will deliver a report on ‘Financial Rehabilitation Bill: New Instruments in Debt Restructuring. Debt Settlement Agreement. Fragmentation of Creditors into Classes. Funding a Debtor in the Course of Financial Rehabilitation’.

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