4 December 2018 , Moscow

Dmitry Stepanov to Attend the Moscow Exchange’s Corporate Covernance Conference

On 4 December, Moscow is to host a corporate governance conference sponsored by the Moscow Exchange as part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Russia Dialogue on Corporate Governance Development. Dmitry Stepanov, Partner at EPAM, is to speak at the conference.

The attendees are to cover the following topics:

  • results of the OECD’s survey on Flexibility and Proportionality of Corporate Regulation
  • requirements of structuring a board of directors and their committees, and the qualifications of the BoD members: the UK’s experience
  • disclosure of directors and managers remuneration: Sweden’s experience
  • suggested amendments to the Russian Corporate Governance Code
  • role of information technologies in the corporate governance improvement
  • OECD’s survey on Corporate Governance in Groups of Companies
  • Bank of Russia’s survey "On Corporate Governance Practice in Russian Public Companies”

Dmitry Stepanov is to speak at the session “Corporate Governance in Russia: Progressive Movement” and to make a report entitled “Fiduciary duties of directors and senior management. Reimbursement of losses caused by undue behaviour of directors and senior management”.

The OECD Russia Corporate Governance Roundtable has been held since 2011 and has already gained a reputation as a trusted global forum for Russian corporate governance experts to get to know the best global initiatives and to discuss topical issues, while the global financial and investment community gets visible proof of an upward trend in Russian corporate governance.