31 March 2014

Dennis Turovets spoke at the II Belarusian Forum of Corporate Lawyers

The II Belarusian Forum of Corporate Lawyers took place on March 28, 2014. Denis Turovets, Managing Partner of EPAM (Minsk), participated in this event.  

The Belarusian Forum of Corporate Lawyers is the first event on national scale held for corporate lawyers. The forum was attended by over 170 lawyers from different organisations: specialists from legal counseling departments of Belarusian enterprises, representatives of law firms and government authorities. Subjects of the Forum included a whole range of issues and problems that occur in lawyers’ work- from the management of legal departments to legal service technologies in the lawyers’ workplace.

The forum was arranged in four parallel workshops:

  • Management of the legal department
  • Protecting the interests of business: internal and external risks
  • Modern technologies in the lawyer’s work
  • Current problems of legal work

During the Forum Dennis Turovets delivered a report entitled “Responsibility of external consultants giving legal advice” within the framework of the workshop “Current problems of legal work”.