2 June 2022

Denis Arkhipov Will Speak at the HSE Global Legal Skills Conference on Leadership in the Legal Profession, Business and Education

On June 2, 2022, the Faculty of Law of the Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE) will organise its annual conference “Global Legal Skills: Leadership in the Legal Profession, Business and Education”. Denis Arkhipov, EPAM’s Managing Partner in Moscow, will speak at the event.

In the modern world, new global markets are developing and forming in a wide variety of areas of human activity, and human ties and relationships themselves are also becoming global due to the digital revolution.

The conference is designed to respond to the current challenges of our time, leading to fundamental changes in the competencies of practicing lawyers and the restructuring of law firms.

The central topics of the conference will be leadership in the legal profession, business and education. The participants will discuss the professional skills and competencies that leading business representatives and public authorities expect from a lawyer, as well as changes in legal education necessary to meet the needs of employers and industry trends.

Denis Arkhipov will also share his experience as Head of The Foundation Department of EPAM, which opened at the HSE Faculty of Law in 2021. The educational program of the department allows students to interact directly with lawyers of the Firm who are recognised in both the Russian and international markets, and is aimed at ensuring that future lawyers can effectively apply the knowledge and skills necessary to practice law.

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Denis Arkhipov

Denis Arkhipov

Moscow, Limassol