15 January 2016 , Moscow

Anna Numerova Speaks at Gaidar Forum 2016

On January 13-15, 2016, Moscow hosts the Gaidar Forum “Russia and the World: Looking to the Future”. Anna Numerova, Partner at EPAM, Chairwoman of the General Council of the Non-Profit Partnership for Competition Support, participated in the event.

The Gaidar Forum provides a unique intellectual platform and a meeting point for theorists and practitioners, the world leading scientists and politicians and influential representatives of global financial and business elites.

The Gaidar Forum has built a solid reputation of "the Russian Davos Forum", as in terms of the status of its participants and experts it is one of the top world economic conferences. As for foreign guests, this Forum provides them with an important source of information on the key trends in Russia’s social and political development and on the state of its business environment and acts as an investment climate barometer. As for domestic experts, participation in this Forum helps them outline perspectives for Russia’s further economic growth and integration into global economy.

Anna Numerova delivered a report on “Antimonopoly procedures - are they a step to transformation of the RF Federal Antimonopoly Service into a judiciary authority?” during the expert discussion entitled “Monopolism: Benefit or Threat to National Security?”.

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Anna Numerova

Anna Numerova