27 May 2021

Round Table “Bank Managers and Beneficiaries at Gunpoint: Criminal Prosecution Risks”

EPAM invites to join the round table discussion hosted by the St. Petersburg State University and supported by the Firm “Bank Managers and Beneficiaries at Gunpoint: Criminal Prosecution Risks” on 27 May 2021 from 16:00 to 18:00 either offline or virtually. The offline venue shall be the St. Petersburg State University, Room 70, at 7-9-11, Universitetskaya Emb. St. Petersburg.

Over recent years, the Bank of Russia has been ever so closely watching the business of banks as to any suggested lack of capital, entering into suspicious transactions, or misrepresentations made in reports. Licenses are not always revoked or other negative implications occur due to intentional steps taken by the bank managers or owners, it may often happen due to the market conditions or amendments to laws or regulatory requirements. Review of the key rate, liquidity and other standards might put managers of major banks in a complicated situation as well.

Managers and shareholders of those banks that have lost their licenses are scrutinized by the Deposit Insurance Agency, which is good at handling disputes, cooperates with law enforcement agencies and enforces against assets all over the world. Yet, amid the ever-changing regulatory rules, not only the managers of banks left with no license but major players on the financial services market face certain risks.

Topics for discussion*:

  • Central Bank and Deposit Insurance Agency: what manager actions are scrutinized
  • Criminal prosecution against bank owners and managers
  • Criminal risks for bank owners and managers: legal approach to mitigation of risks
  • Ins and outs of proving a guilt in this type of criminal cases 

At the round table, experiences criminal attorneys and St. Petersburg State University professors and scholars are to discuss the current state of enforcement and the remedies available.

Welcome speech by Dmitriy GLAZOUNOV, Partner heading Banking & Finance, Capital Markets at EPAM


  • Vladimir PRISTANSKOV, PhD, Criminal Proceedings and Forensics Professor at the St. Petersburg State University
  • Andrey TUZOV, White Collar Crime Counsel at EPAM
  • Elena NOVIKOVA, Senior White Collar Crime Associate at EPAM
  • Alexander GUKANOV, Managing Partner at PromBusinessConsulting



Attendance is free of charge.

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Due to the pandemic restrictions, offline attendance shall only be possible for a limited number of people. The organizer reserves the right to offer virtual attendance is the number of offline attendees has been exceeded.

We will send the connection details to each confirmed attendee shortly before the event.

Contacts: Alina Zoreva and Yulia Medvedeva at and +7 (812) 322 96 81.

*The program and the panel are subject to amendments.

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Andrey Tuzov

Andrey Tuzov

St. Petersburg