30 June 2023

Alexey Karchiomov to Lead a Course of Lectures on the Maritime Law at SPBU

Starting 14 February and to 30 June 2023, the Law Faculty of St. Petersburg State University (SPSU) will start a course of lectures "International Public Maritime Law".

EPAM Law is pleased to announce that  Alexey Karchiomov, Head of the International Trade & Customs, Maritime Shipping and Transport Law Practices will be leading the course.

The lecture course is based at the Department of International Law for Master's students and is a unique educational program at St. Petersburg State University. Alexey will speak about the legal status of the continental shelf, maritime spaces and its delimitation, maritime safety, and other aspects of maritime law and policy of states in this area. Alexey will also present lectures on building a career in maritime law for a lawyer.

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Alexey Karchiomov

Alexey Karchiomov

St. Petersburg