30 November 2020
Helen Avakyan Named Woman of the Year for Legal Tech in Europe

On November 26, 2020, Helen Avakyan, Counsel at EPAM, was named Woman of the Year at the 2020 European Women of Legal Tech Awards.

Every year the most successful female lawyers from various European countries with notable contributions to the legal tech development field are shortlisted for the awards. Helen Avakyan received an award in the category of Public Services, Politics and Social.

Helen is a member of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers Council where she has been involved in the development of the Russian Bar Digital Collaboration Platform. Among other positions, Helen is a member of the taskforce of the governmental program for the Digital Economy with the Skolkovo competence centers, and a board member on both the Expert Advisory Board for the Improvement of the Financial Market and Banking Sector Regulation, and the Expert Board for Digital Economy and Blockchain Technologies with the State Duma. She was also a manager and advocate of the e-justice system implementation project in Russia.

Over her professional career, Helen has been recognised with a number of national awards, including the Russian Judicial System honorable charter, commendation from the Intellectual Property Court, a letter of commendation for persistent pro bono efforts in the protection of entrepreneurs’ rights, and by the Russian Presidential Decree, Helen was granted the federal civil service rank of Actual State Counsellor of Justice of the Russian Federation, 2nd Class.

The European Women of Legal Tech (EWOLT) Awards have been held since 2018 and are meant to celebrate women’s success and to demonstrate their important contribution to the development of legal tech.

For more details on the award, see https://womenoflegaltech.eu/.

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