24 April 2017
Dimitry Afanasiev Receives National Bar and Advocacy Award ‘For Distinguished Reputation’

On 21 April, the fifth ceremony for the most prestigious award in the Russian legal profession took place in Moscow. Dimitry Afanasiev, member of the Partners' Committee of EPAM, received the award ‘For Distinguished Reputation’.

The National Bar and Advocacy Award was established in 2008 by the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers, the Advocate Initiative Fund for the Support and Development of the Bar, and public lawyers’ associations. It is presented to lawyers and legal practices which have achieved excellent results in their professional activity and which actively contribute to the development of the legal profession. The award ‘For Distinguished Reputation’ is given to lawyers who have gained the respect and recognition of their colleagues, and whom the profession considers to possess an impeccable business reputation.

Dimitry Afanasiev has already received a number of awards from the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers: the Medal for Professional Excellence (2004) and the Medal for Distinguished Service in Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms, 2nd Class (2015). He is an Honoured Lawyer of the Russian Federation, and has received commendations from the President of the Russian Federation for achievements in defending human rights (2015) and for active work to protect the interests of the Russian Federation (2011).

EPAM, of which Dimitry Afanasiev is member of the Partners' Committee, has received the prestigious ‘Triumph’ award for legal practices, as well as a number of ‘Firm of the Year’ awards from The Lawyer and Chambers & Partners.