1 March 2024
Money Laundering Charges Dropped against Blogger Valeria Chekalina (LerChek)

Konstantin Tretyakov, Partner at EPAM Law’s White Collar Crime Practice, who has been representing Blogger LerChek, says the money laundering criminal case against the Chekalins has been closed.

The grand money laundering criminal case (Art. 174.1(4)(b) of the Russian Criminal Code) was opened against the Chekalins last year in March. On 1 March 2024, the case was closed due to lack of criminal evidence, and their assets and accounts were unfrozen.

As a reminder, at the end of December 2023, the Chekalins fully settled their debt to the state, paying a total of RUB 500 million in debts, fines, and penalties. The tax evasion criminal case against them was then closed, and all restrictions on travels and Internet use were removed.

Valeria Chekalina was represented by attorneys from EPAM's Tax Law and White Collar Crime Practices, led by Partner Konstantin Tretyakov.