18 August 2021
EPAM Counsel Helen Avakyan on the Supervisory Board of Russia’s First Non-Profit Association of Digital Financial Assets (DFAs) Market Professionals

The first non-profit association of digital financial assets (DFAs) market professionals was recently established  in Russia and Helen Avakyan, Counsel at EPAM and a member of the Russian Federal Chamber of Lawyers Council, has joined the Supervisory Board of the Association along with competent experts in economics, finance and law. 

The Association of Information System Operators and Digital Financial Asset Exchange Operators was established to organise and coordinate efforts and to protect the interests of market professionals using DFAs. It is believed that liaising the efforts and integrating the programmes of private companies and the government would secure the expansion of the digital space through the development and implementation of new technologies, as well as increasing the availability of information systems for transactions involving DFAs.

“It is a great honour for me to join the Supervisory Board as a representative of the legal community, and mainly LegalTech and FinTech. People supporting the promotion and advancement of new digital trends, and the “digital economy ” in general , are doing a noble job. I think this idea has a lot of potential and I am happy to support it”, says Helen Avakyan.

Helen Avakyan serves as a member of all work groups of the Skolkovo Competence Centers, working on the Digital Economy state programme. She is also leading a small team tasked with defining an “electronic document” under the Skolkovo taskforces.

Since 2011, Helen Avakyan has been on the taskforce for the creation of Multifunctional Public Services Centers  in Russia  and has contributed to the development of a new civil law framework. Since 2018, she has been on the Expert Board for Legislative Support of the Securities and Financial Derivatives Market Development with the Russian State Duma Committee for the Financial Market.

Over the years, Helen Avakyan has served as an expert with the FAS Russia and the Russian Ministry of Finance for draft laws on financial markets, a corporate governance expert with the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, as well as an expert with the State Duma Committee for Lending Institutions and Financial Markets and the Federation Council Committee for Financial Markets and Monetary Circulation. She previously acted as an Assistant Head of the Russian State  Duma Committee for Property and served as an expert with the same committee, as well as serving as an assistant to a deputy on the Committee for Constitutional Laws.

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