31 December 2020
EPAM Is the First Law Firm in the World to Have Managed Voluntary Mass Vaccination of Employees and Their Family Members Against COVID-19

EPAM (EPAM) became the first law firm in the world to have managed voluntary mass vaccination of its employees and their family members against the new coronavirus infection. 

This was made possible by the law Firm’s Russian and foreign staff’s participation in the clinical trials in Russia.

The initial results have shown that over 90% of those vaccinated have a high titer of antibodies.

Mass vaccination has prevented the Firm’s employees from suffering in the second wave of the pandemic and has ensured uninterrupted provision of legal services to the clients of the Firm.

Vaccination was organised in accordance with the applicable health and safety requirements, including a preliminary medical examination and a doctor's consultation at each stage of the process.

In addition to caring for its staff, EPAM continued to proactively ensure charitable support to Russian hospitals caring for coronavirus patients throughout the pandemic.

The Firm's efforts to fight the pandemic were praised by the Pravo.ru-300 rating: EPAM won the special nomination “Coronavirus Law - Supporting Your Company and Employees During a Pandemic”. This award recognizes the Firm’s outstanding efforts to ensure the safety of staff and the prevention of the spread of the disease, as well as the ability of the organisation to work effectively on a remote basis.

In February 2020, the Firm was one of the first switch to switch to remote working, and now, thanks to the success of the staff vaccination program, the Firm was has been able to return to the office safely.