20 December 2007

The European Lawyer: 2007’s rising tide

Expulsions, raids, split-offs, invasions and new formations are just some of the goings-on that characterised 2007 as a stand-out year for Europe’s law firms. In this first of a two-part article, Richard Tromans and Jeremy Fleming draw on our research over the last 12 months to highlight the year’s most significant events...

29 November 2007

The Legal Week: New breed of indies breaking the mould in continental Europe

Legal Week's annual report charts firms to tipify a new breed of entrepreneurial practices. Among the firms is EPAM.

11 August 2007

Representing a Client in Arbitration Tribunals in Russia

Arbitration in Russia is relatively fast and inexpensive dispute resolution method. The parties generally enjoy more intelligent, intellectual and fair” as compared to national courts. Still, foreign practitioners shall be aware of emphasis on formalities and prevalence of “surprise tactics”. Arbitrators put more weight to documentary evidence over testimony, but oral pleadings over written submissions. Advocacy skills required involve thorough knowledge of the case and ability to react on the spot sharply and plausibly to unexpected developments.

26 June 2007

Evidence gathering, interim remedies and relief in Russia

Maria Miroshnikova and Anna Yakovleva, attorneys at EPAM, spoke on Evidence Gathering, Interim Remedies and Relief in Russia at LexisNexis Butterworths’ International Litigation and Fraud Conference