30 March 2010
TopLegal publishes Dmitry Afanasiev’s commentary on the law firm investment plan

TopLegal International invited leaders from 70 independent firms from 18 jurisdictions throughout Eastern Europe to participate in its first ever survey on the emerging European legal markets. Over half of the managing partners contacted participated. Our researchers asked respondents to answer questions about business confidence, strategic policy and best practices and provide detailed replies to questions about the challenges their domestic markets and law firms are facing in 2010. The first of three articles examines the issues facing law firms and their markets.

[…] Despite challenging economic and political conditions, Moscow law firms said they have not only stuck to their investment plans during the crisis but also intend to expand further in the near future.

"We have launched a substantial programme of investment in law firm technology and knowledge management systems worth several millions of dollars. This programme will take 24 months to implement and we are moving according to the schedule adopted last year," comments Dimitry Afanasiev from EPAM. […]