4 May 2009
Russia: Adjusting the rules of play


The 10th edition of the International Mergers & Acquisitions Review provides the reader with a unique insight into the global M&A market by highlighting the opportunities, as well as the pitfalls that face M&A practitioners in this ever-changing dynamic arena.

EPA&P corporate practice partner Dmitry Stepanov shares his view of the current trends in the Russian M&A Market: "If this article were written back in the autumn of 2008, it would have turned out very different. If it were written during the winter of 2008, it would be different again to the autumn one. Finally, the current text is unlike either of its autumn or winter counterparts.The Russian spring is upon us, but it does not feel like it to big business in Russia, which maintains a sombre mood and a pessimistic outlook..."

D.Stepanov. Russia: Adjusting the rules of play.