16 March 2006
Latest news on the litigation in Norway concerning fines imposed by Norway on the Arkhangelsk Trawler Fleet Company


Russian lawyers challenge Norwegian fishing fines

Russian lawyers have challenged fines imposed by Norway on the Arkhangelsk Trawler Fleet Company concerning the Captain Gorbachev vessel.

A two-day court session concerning the Russian vessel, which Norway sentenced to a 900,000-Kroner fine last October, started in Tromso on Thursday.

The court is considering a statement by Norwegian prosecutors accusing the company of breaching of Norwegian fishing rules, illegal fishing and failure to notify Norway about fish reloading offshore Medvezhy Island, says a press release by the Yegorov, Puginsky, Afanasyev and Partners legal office that represents the interests of the Arkhangelsk Trawler Fleet.

Russian lawyers will attempt to prove the illegality of the fine.

"The trawler did reload fish offshore Medvezhy Island last October, but this was done in strict compliance with Norwegian fishing rules conveyed by the Russian authorities to ship owners," the press release runs.

Norway impounded the Russian trawler and sentenced its owners to a fine soon after the Russian Elektron vessel escaped to Russian territorial waters carrying Norwegian fishing inspectors, the press release runs.