8 June 2022

Private Business Meeting "Finnish Businesses in Russia: Acting Amid Geostorm"

EPAM invites to attend its private business meeting “Finnish Businesses in Russia: Acting amid Geostorm”, which is to be held on 8 June 2022 (Wednesday) from 11:00 to 12:30.

Venue: 22-24, Nevsky Av., Floor 4, St. Petersburg (map), welcome coffee shall be served from 10:30 to 11:00.

The ongoing geopolitical changes and external economic constraints have had a serious impact on the existing canons of international business. Potential departure of Finnish companies constitutes a particular impact on the Russian market. Most firms are planning to sell their business to new owners in Russia or come back after a while. However, they have already faced the risks of nationalisation, antitrust inspections, huge financial expenses and reputational losses. 

How shall one comply with the increasing governmental control over foreign businesses? What are the ins and outs of transfer of production assets to new owners? How should one do business in the new geopolitical environment? How can one avoid criminal and administrative liability for “compliance with the sanctions”, cooperation with undesirable entities and violation of obligations to one’s employees and counterparties? These and other matters are suggested for discussion at the business meeting with EPAM lawyers.


  • Selling a Finnish business: compliance matters
  • Key matters of employment law in the current situation
  • CEIF options: preservation of assets upon exit from the market and ways back
  • Destiny of the Russian market in the new reality: what international businesses should get ready for?


  • Ivan SMIRNOV, Managing Partner at the St. Petersburg Office of EPAM
  • Elena AGAEVA, Counsel, Head of M&A and Corporate Law Practice at the St. Petersburg Office of EPAM
  • Andrey TUZOV, Counsel, Head of White Collar Crime Practice at the St. Petersburg Office of EPAM
  • Yulia BELIAKOVA, Associate of Maritime Shipping and Transport Law Practice at the St. Petersburg Office of EPAM


Attendance is free of charge.

Advance registration is required:

Please register, specify your business email address, position and contacts, as well as preferred mode of attendance.

We will send the connection details to each confirmed attendee shortly before the event.

Contacts: Stanislav Russkov, Nikita Kuznetsov, +7 (812) 322 96 81,

*The program and the panel are subject to amendments.

**Participation is restricted to in-house lawyers and businesses only.


Elena Agaeva

Elena Agaeva

St. Petersburg

Yulia Beliakova

Yulia Beliakova

St. Petersburg